Evolution Of Cryptocurrencies – More Interesting Concepts Besides Bitcoin

When talking about cryptocurrencies, many immediately think of Bitcoin. However, other concepts like Ethereum, Tron or Cardano also offer cryptocurrencies, but with entirely different underlying concepts. A deep dive into the evolution of cryptocurrencies.

Everyone talks about it, but what is the appeal of crypto money? Cryptocurrencies are based (with few exceptions) on a technology called Blockchain. This blockchain corresponds to a decentralized cash book in which inter alia monetary transactions in the sense of “person A sends sum X to person B” are noted.

The Benefits Of Blockchain Compared To Online Banking

Decentralization offers several advantages over centralized systems such as online banking or government: blockchains are open to anyone who has computers and / or mobile devices and complementary Internet access.

Constantly advancing digitization makes participation in the blockchain more attractive to more people and institutions worldwide every day. An arbitrary rejection of individuals by a central authority such as a bank is not possible.

Non-Stop Availability

Furthermore, the blockchain is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The observation of opening times in public authorities or the waiting for the transfer of a transfer in a (SEPA) transfer belong with the block chain of the past. In fact, depending on the blockchain and / or cryptocurrency used, in the worst case, it takes a few hours for a financial transaction to arrive at the recipient. But even here, the technological development is going on very fast, so that the actual execution happens within minutes.

Finally, a blockchain is an audit-proof system that stores one-off transactions without the subsequent possibility of change. A direct manipulation of the blockchain by possible hacker attacks is therefore possible only with very great effort and can be virtually ruled out today. The audit security of the blockchain accordingly permits the clear traceability of all transactions for all participants.

However, some projects are pursuing the idea of ​​precisely preventing this traceability of transactions that have been carried out, thus ensuring greater privacy. One speaks in this case also of Privacy Coins.

Higher Security

Although the blockchain can not be attacked in principle or only with great effort, but a theft of access codes, the so-called private keys conceivable. It ensures the use of the wallet or wallet containing your own cryptocurrencies. From this, you can transfer money from crypto money to other wallets. Currently, the transfer of cryptocurrencies is virtually the only significant application.

This is due to the early development of blockchain technology, which reveals clear parallels to the early BTX system. In Germany, the conditions for today’s online banking in the 1980s were created by its predecessor, Deutsche Post’s BTX system. For example, the innovation, which at that time was revolutionary but not easy to use, made it possible to transfer money via remote communication to another participant in the BTX network.

Like digital money, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are subject to historical and technical evolution, even if it may be a little shorter than the history of online banking.

On the well-known Bitcoin as the only noteworthy representative of the first generation of cryptos followed the Ethereum platform, which wanted to eliminate some weaknesses and inefficiencies of Bitcoin and wants to date. However, Ethereum has become more or less “outdated” and is being tackled by new challengers around the “crown of the crypto market”.

With Cardano and Tron, two promising representatives among some other competitors are contesting the market leadership of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Below all the mentioned coins will be introduced shortly.


Windows 10 Sucks? 8 Reasons Why You Better Use Linux Or Mac

Previously, Apple customers had to spend a lot of money on new system software. Fortunately, that is past. And so long-time Mac users can just note with a slight smile what is currently happening in the Windows warehouse.

Apparently Microsoft tried to move people to the newest operating system, Windows 10, with all imaginable tricks. As you know, on the 29th of July 2016 the free offer was over and you had to pay for the upgrade.

The nervousness had obviously not only taken the manufacturer itself, it was also rampant among well-known bloggers. So some of them challenged their readers little charming: «Damn, now finally make this Windows 10 upgrade!»

Apparently everybody had an emotional aversion against Microsoft and Windows 10. The Linux and Mac users are portrayed as bad losers who could not accept that the battle for supremacy in the desktop machines has long been decided.

In fact, the worldwide market share of Windows speaks a clear language. But since we have a heart for the weaker ones, here are 10 reasons why the Mac operating system and Linux variants convince us more.

Lifetime For Free

Most Linux variants cost nothing. Niente. Nada.

Can one say the same for the Mac system? Well, OS X is also available as a free download. But that works only with Apple computers. And they had / have their price.

And Windows 10? After July 29, users could buy the PC operating system only together with a new computer or should alternatively buy the home version for $ 119.

There is a Lot of (Good) Software for Free

There is tons of good software available for Ubuntu. And best of all, many of the programs, which are constantly being improved and developed at the suggestion of a committed open source community, are free to subscribe.

Another path is taken by Apple. In addition to the system software, the Californians provide their own useful additional programs free of charge (or for a small fee). Some of them are already preinstalled on new computers, others can be downloaded.

Easy To Handle

The tale that Linux is complicated to use and actually only suitable for hackers and super-nerds persists stubbornly. In fact, Ubuntu and Co. offer all the amenities of a modern operating system. And “Out of the Box”: start system and get started.

The most user-friendly computers carry a bitten apple. This shows up again and again in customer surveys and would have to grant even hardcore Windows fans.

From unpacking a new Mac to startup usually takes a few minutes. Many functions are self-explanatory, and in recent months there have also been critical voices saying that Apple must be careful not to lose the magic of “it just works”.


Whether you connect a new printer or otherwise a peripheral device: Because the driver software for driving the new hardware is already on board, everything is very easy.

It should be noted that even Windows 10 can load the required driver software over the Internet. But a story of success definitely sounds different …

More Security – Less Malware

Windows computers are being misused as malware slings, they are the most popular gateway for criminals, so a working antivirus program is mandatory.

While Linux and Mac users should not just sit back, concrete threats are many times smaller.

Among us: An antivirus program on the Mac is above all a good deed for the Windows colleagues, because they can protect them from malware that attacks via e-mail.

Mac users who want to calm their conscience, will find here at Macwelt.de. Quote from the journal:
“If you work at home on a Mac, you do not need a virus scanner, a background scanner causes more trouble than good. To check suspicious files and occasionally the system, a free scanner such as Avira or Avast is sufficient. »

The Software Also Works Well On Old Hardware

Linux is also compatible with age-old hardware, a good example is Lubuntu, which has very low requirements. And Apple has been known for decades for the long life of its system software. So Macs from the year 2009 as well as some models from 2007 and 2008 can be updated to the current operating system OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

Of course, Windows 10 is passable on older devices, but you should create a “compatibility report” on old boxes before installation.
“The Compatibility Report included with the Windows 10 Download App ensures that Windows 10 can run on your PC. This report also identifies issues with your devices, apps, and your PC, as well as other important upgrade information. ”

Real Customer Support

For Linux, it’s the open source philosophy: when questions arise, there is a helpful online community.

In the case of the Mac, it is the manufacturer itself who operates a well-established support machinery. Here is the great advantage that hardware and software come from the same company. There is free advice and support in the Apple stores and certified resellers, and you have to grab a wallet if you have some serious problems.
Privacy protection

The data gathering rage of Windows 10 has already led to many negative headlines last year. Data protectors warned that they were getting a “monitoring center” into the house.

Apple, however, recognized early that privacy is a major selling point. It follows the philosophy that sensitive information is stored on the device whenever possible and transmitted only with end-to-end encryption. Soon, the iCloud servers will also be sealed off from access by the FBI and Co.


The Tor Project and Unix

ipad-632394_960_720Generally, the Tor network supplies a higher level of protection and anonymity for its users. So much so that law enforcement agencies, rather than attacking the network itself, have opted to hack individual users’ computers, or end points. In this way, investigators have learned Tor users’ IP addresses.

But the Tor Project, the nonprofit that keeps the Tor applications, and the team behind Mozilla’s Firefox, have quietly been working on developments that, they say, should make such attacks more difficult.

“We are at the period right now where we’ve created the fundamental tools and we are working on putting them together to realize the security gains,” Richard Barnes, Firefox Security Lead, told Motherboard in a email.

As Barnes explained, the Tor Browser is basically made up of two parts: a modified version of Firefox, and the Tor proxy, which routes the browser’s traffic into the Tor network. Normally, the Firefox component also has network access, as it desires this to speak with the proxy.

“That means if an attacker can undermine the Firefox half of Tor Browser, it can de-anonymize the user by connecting to something other than the Tor proxy,” Barnes said.

Really, that is essentially what the FBI has done in some of its dark web investigations. That malware first used a Tor Browser exploit, and then driven the computer to contact a government server outside the Tor network, revealing the suspect’s actual IP address to the FBI.

But that will change with the support of ‘Unix domain sockets’, and a few other tweaks. A Unix domain socket is basically a way for two applications on the same computer to speak to each other without using an underlying network protocol. With that, the Firefox half of the Tor Browser should no longer want network access, Barnes continued.

“That means that you may run it in a sandbox with no network access (just a Unix domain socket to the proxy), and it would still work good. And then, even if the Firefox half of Tor Browser were endangered, it wouldn’t be able to make a network connection to de-anonymize the user,” he said.

This job is a collaboration between the Tor Project and Mozilla, in accordance with Barnes. He said it began when the Tor Project did some work on adding Unix domain socket capabilities to the Tor proxy and browser. From then on, Mozilla added an overall capability to Firefox letting it speak with proxies over Unix domain sockets. And now, the Tor Browser team is working on placing this general ability into the Tor Browser, and Mozilla is helping repair any bugs that come up, Barnes said.

There are some caveats, however. With this plan to work, the operating system needs a number of things, namely a non-network manner to speak to the proxy—in this event, Unix domain sockets—and a appropriate sandbox that can cease the Firefox part of the browser from getting access to the network. Many indepenent companies like bitcoin mining ventures support the develoment of the TOR network with donations.

Right now, Firefox’s support will just work on platforms that have those sockets, like macOS and Linux. Barnes said support will be contained with Firefox 51, which is released in January.

“Work is continuing to extend this capability to Windows […] and sandboxing work should continue once the integration is done,” Barnes added.

After this story was initially released, a Tor Project spokesperson gave the following statement to Motherboard: We are sandboxing the Tor browser to insulate our users from possible attacks. We should make life as difficult as possible for individuals striving to deanonymize our users. Tor programmer Yawning Angel just completed an experimental prototype that’ll probably appear in some variants of the Tor Browser after this season.

This narrative was also updated after its first publication to contain Firefox 51’s January release date.


Unix Vs Linux

binary-1327493_960_720The software sector is as political as any, but as it pertains to the one thing every computer needs the most, an operating system, the politics can resemble more of Medieval stage landscape, and it is the story of Microsoft and Linux that is perhaps the most riveting of all.

George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones (the whole series titled A Song of Ice and Fire) is one of the most popular television shows to have aired in the last decade, and it is no wonder, it’s all the makings of an excellent drama, love, war, betrayal, and vengeance (full disclosure, I haven’t read the books, but I have loved the show). Although, when you analyze things a little more extensively, you see that the beliefs are not so fantastical at all and the topics are all too familiar.

For the last thirty years the commercial software arena is so fast paced and officially vicious that it could make an industry veteran shout; it requires a genuine hero to fight to the top without participating in the scandalous practices that pervade the sector, and a hero is merely what we have found.

Game of Thrones hosts a spectrum of really dimensional characters starting from the vile and cowardly to the benevolent and wrathful, the variety is actually so thorough that it is easy to find characters that are comparable to top combatants of the computing world. There are the wealthy empires, cutpurse marketplaces, the feudalistic patent trolls, and the list continues, but A Song of Ice and Fire is a story of heroics and generosity in the face of tyrannical misfortune, and so is that of Linux and the open source community.

In order to comprehend the history of computing we have to return back to somewhere near the beginning. The genesis of operating systems as we understand them today started with Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson’s UNIX system. UNIX is the conceptual forefather of many, if not practically all, commercial operating systems. UNIX reigned king for quite a while, but not without passing along the torch to descendants. The family tree of UNIX is dirty, it is full of crossed lines, intermingling, and political unions, basically the typical of any royal family ancestry. Animosity and tension immediately overtook the UNIX offspring and this was the beginning of the culture of Hammurabian customs.

  • Microsoft was just a notion, let alone an official business, when Gates and Allen seized the Altair 8800 with their Altair BASIC interpreter. The immediate success with the Altair lead to the instantiating of Microsoft as a legal entity in the following weeks.
  • Five years after Microsoft wed into the UNIX political paradigm with the release of Xenix which had a sprint of success before being acquired by SCO.
  • While IBM rebranded MS DOS to PC-DOS, Microsoft was still at liberty to sell the MS DOS merchandise to other vendors, and this was a defining moment letting one of Microsoft’s products to cascade into a computing empire. MS DOS was soon sold on the majority of home and office computers.
  • This all transpired in parallel to the development Apple’s products from which MS DOS fiercely won market share putting them at the top of operating system sales. Microsoft’s just realized market share afforded them a power that had not been wielded in computing before, the power of a close monopoly, and as it is said, power corrupts.

A brutal rivalry grew between Apple and Microsoft complete with corporate cloak and dagger. It was not unusual for either to approach smaller businesses with the objective to get their valuable products so that you can bolster their repertoires, and it was also not unusual to unethically exhaust these smaller businesses with legal fees until they’d no choice but to sell. Scott McNealy was quoted on the matter saying “R&D [research and development] and M&A [mergers and acquisitions] are the same thing [at Microsoft].” The feud between Apple and Microsoft was merely embellished by the high cost of UNIX systems that left the affordable computer market in a dipole. It was the exact concern Linus Torvalds determined to address when he started the Linux operating system in 1991, so when the war between Apple and Microsoft was waged, the brainchild that would grow up to be a hero came to be.

Linux was never meant to be professional, Torvalds acknowledged, the goal was to supply pupils with something that was UNIX compliant with no inherent UNIX cost. It looked to be a common ideal because Linux developed into a powerful victor heralding the banner of freedom of software in tandem with the GNU Project.

The possibility of Linux was soon realized in the corporate boardrooms. UNIX systems were still very expensive which left Linux completely unprecedented in its lack of cost. Linux quickly laid siege to the server market inciting an animosity of Linux in Microsoft that began to fester.


How Technology Helps In Education

Everything is finished together with the aid of computer be it reserving tickets for movies or purchasing pizzas for residence. In offices where formerly files used to be kept in documents, now everything continues to be converted into digital form. The newest generation doesn’t comprehend anything beyond computers. Companies don’t recruit workers who would not have some knowledge about computers. Instruction with computer knowledge could be made a valuable resource not only for pupils but also for teachers, educators as well as parents. The more teachers will find out about computers, the more they are able to instruct the pupils correctly.

The information of both teachers and pupils must not be put in computers simply, there’s a substantially worthy and fascinating thing beyond that and that’s Internet.

Schools should supply the pupils with all the ability to gain access to the Internet as well as the Internet to come up with knowledge of high quality to make use of the existing technology. Previously, computer technology in schools used to be thought to be high-end but now it is becoming more of a condition than high-end for pupils. Every pupil or even those that are no more a pupil finally possess a personal computer at their houses be it a desktop computer or a notebook. Using computers program is very an essential thing for the reason that it helps an individual to keep connection with all the real world programs.

A lot of people say computer technology diverts pupils from studies and ruins their imagination ability. But it totally is determined by the individual the way the man is taking the instruction through computers. Using anything having a bad or worthless goal will result negative.

When it is combined with the intent to collect knowledge then it is going to undoubtedly result in a positive way. Kids ought to be directed by the teachers or educators in addition to from the parents regarding the proper use of computers.

Besides studies, computers can also be useful for other works. Following the arrival of computers and web folks have quit sending letters to every other. The truth is, individuals don’t go to distinct organizations or offices to submit their vitae; they simplify the task by submitting it online. Now the planet isn’t like before. Since, every state has its accessibility to Internet; it’s become simpler to make deals with various states at a time. In instruction, areas like mathematics have become simpler for pupils as it takes several seconds to resolve the equations. Computers can also be used significantly by pupils for his or her jobs and homework. One carton can solve a lot of issues. Is not it wonderful?


Benefits Of Using VPN

In this age of globally computerized encouraging, the rate of agreements, particularly on the World Wide Web, has turned out to be fast, helpful and skillful. VPN, which will be the acronym for Virtual Private Network, is among the latest inventions in the area of information invention that allows you to remain joined using a faraway server located any location on earth when you’re telecommuting, office, or voyaging or seeing a show in a different country. Organizations in are increasingly using VPN governments to become acquainted with system assets which can be remotely located or aren’t on exactly the same LAN. VPN ensures your company PCs’ Internet organization when using a trusted open system to confirm the greater portion of the data you’re sending and getting is encoded and secured. It’s, on the other hand, essential that you use a strong and skilled VPN management provider or organization to reap the most effective advantages for the company through VPN managements.

The way that it works?

It’s possible for you to spare unnecessary prices by disposing of the necessity for leased lines and call-trafficking hardware in your organization foundation, office or shop with the use of a VPN. On the off chance which you must connect with distant clients, it is possible to join with the ISP using a nearby telephone number and later using a VPN it is possible to get to safely to the distant clients’ systems.

  • In case your company offers working from home professions, it is possible to let you are working from house representatives to get to your own organization’s server from their residence or anyplace by using a dependable VPN organization.
  • Globalization has transformed the planet into a global town where organizations more enlisting individuals that can not go.
  • Business firms can use VPN’s to empower these workers to get entry to such organizations’ server farm, system or vital assets from a distant place.
  • This way, it is possible to spare a large measure of money by not leasing additional office space, giving phones, and bringing about various prices.

Why use VPN

These workers or individuals should access the organizations’ systems or server farms for assessing messages, sharing records and various duties. On the off chance that the company organization has other division workplaces and should interface with all the division workplaces’ servers or virtual assets, it is possible to spare cash, time and hassle by using a dependable Greatest VPN Service With Committed IP.

VPN’s have ended up among the major systems management initiations in of the preceding year or two. Organizations can trade vital information with their trading accomplices or customers effortlessly and safely through using the assets over scrambled and guaranteed Internet organizations gave a trustworthy and skilled VPN organization.

Bitcoin Casino Review

Christina Lady Hammer – unbeaten five-time boxing world champion is not only the face of this online casino. Her success served as an inspiration, and although no titles can be won at Lady Hammer Casino, the player can still finish the round as a Superhero in the VIP Club and secure excellent prizes. The black background combined with photos of the Lady Hammer and numerous game functions gives a feeling of liveliness and provides a pleasant gaming ambience. Each game round is rewarded with new points, awards and gifts – step by step to the top! It is among the best provider out there with a lot of different games.

Info about the bonus

  • 100% up to 100€ welcome bonus
  • The bonus must be wagered 50x.
  • Maximum bet per spin in bonus is 5€.

At Lady Hammer Casino, boxing as a sport is not as much the issue as the prizes, awards and generally unbeatable winnings associated with it. In this sense, a powerful VIP program is available to customers here. For each deposit, players receive loyalty points and a corresponding VIP status. From the Silver International Championship belt to the World Championship, Diamond or Money belt – the higher the status, the more valuable the awards and gifts! In addition, Christina Hammer takes you to the next fight or to the WBC Convention. And best of all – there’s nothing special to do! Players can expect lots of free spins and special bonuses such as cash back, reload and cash bonuses, as well as valuable prizes such as a brand new iPhone or a Mercedes Benz. So everyone can be rewarded for their loyalty. No bruises, no pain: This fight only makes you want more and all participants leave the ring as winners!

The games

Slot fans will definitely get their money’s worth at Lady Hammer Casino. A selection of more than 300 exciting slot titles promises something for every taste. TOP online slots of the renowned providers NetEnt, Play’n GO, Yggdrasil and Endorphina are in stock and promise several hours of fun. Also interesting is the wide range of Betsoft, iSoftBet, Belatra and Booming Games slot machines. In addition to progressive slots, a variety of exciting video slots await you, including Lucky Clover, Platoon Wild Progressive and Good Girl, Bad Girl. Also in the table games area, players will find a rich selection of different variants of Blackjack, Punto Banco, Baccarat and Casino HoldEm. In the live version in the live casino, numerous roulette variants are added. All games are divided into categories and can also be listed by provider, which is always a big advantage: and Pro for the casino provider. Naturally there is also the practical and fast search function, where only some letters are sufficient, in order to start at the desired play.

The bonus offer

As with any championship, the Lady Hammer Casino offers gold, silver and bronze. For the first deposit of at least €20 new players will receive a welcome bonus of 100% to €100 and 50 free spins for Fisticuffs. Immediately thereafter comes the silver reward for the second deposit: 50 % to 100 € and another 50 free spins for Fisticuffs. And some more support from Lady Hammer Casino in the third round. Gold or Bronze, this is for each player to decide for themselves, but there are still 75% to 200 € and 30 free spins in the third part of the welcome bonus. In order for the bonus and winnings to be paid out, the maximum stake per spin must be observed. The MaxBet is 5 € per spin. After these three rounds, the player has already recharged his batteries and collected quite a few points for the lucrative VIP program. In addition to the welcome bonus, there are also exciting actions in the ring. With the regular reload actions, players can grab a bonus of 25% up to 100 €.


The design and theme of the Lady Hammer Casino are really something new and unique. The background in black, interesting photos of Christina Hammer and games: simple at first sight, but very elegant and clearly arranged. There is no lack of information and important offers. However, these are not spread all over the site, so that the games are really the center of attention. The menu is organized as a practical sidebar and contains important categories such as payments, blog, contact, but also casinoteka – an interesting category that lists and explains all terms from individual games. The games are listed in different categories – new, popular or jackpot games. Card games and live casinos have their own categories and all games can be listed by specific providers. Even on mobile devices, the website doesn’t lose any of its user-friendliness. All important information can be found in the extensive FAQ area, but there is also a customer service available in German language. This is available around the clock via e-mail or live chat.

Checkout (deposits and withdrawals)

Like everything else, the way to the cash register is quick and easy. Here the players find a large selection of payment methods: Whether standard or crypto currencies, the offer leaves nothing to be desired. The list includes popular e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller. In addition to the classic range of credit cards (Visa and MasterCard), Lady Hammer Casino also offers the popular Paysafecard. The well-known online banking platform Trustly is another payment option. Those players who prefer to make their payments with crypto currencies can be happy – because Lady Hammer Casino supports deposits and withdrawals with Bitcoins. The minimum deposit with this provider is 20 € or 0.001 BTC. The payout limit is set at €5,000 per week or €15,000 per month. There are no fees for both deposits and withdrawals. Withdrawals are processed immediately and transferred within 12 hours. Few other online casinos offer such fast payouts. With a license from the Curacao government and a secure platform, it is generally a reputable online casino provider, so all players’ personal information and bank details are completely protected.

Conclusion of the editors


  • User-friendly interface
  • Toll Free Transactions
  • Crypto currencies accepted


  • MaxBet of 5€ in bonus
  • High sales conditions in the bonus
  • Strict payout limits

How do I protect myself when trading with Cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoins and other crypto currencies are on everyone’s lips. As demand rises, prices rise. But the explosion of prices also attracts more and more hackers, who try to harm new and unneeded users of the crypto currency. In addition to the dangers from the Internet, conventional problems such as the reliability of the PC used also concern the users of crypto currencies. In the article 5 tips are given for the safety and safe handling of Bitcoins.

Why are crypto currencies susceptible to fraud?

Even though the handling of cryptocurrencies no longer represents the Wild West experience as in the early years, investors are confronted with certain risks.

  1. The threats are manifold and with the increasing value it becomes more and more interesting for well financed hacker groups. Whether fake wallets, phishing attempts or fake crypto currencies – there is always something to watch out for at every opportunity.
  2. Crypto currencies were created to avoid the manipulation – vulnerability of central bank controlled currencies.
  3. Through the digital, decentralized transactions, a system was created to perform transactions anonymously and securely. Each transaction is executed through a complicated blockchain based system.
  4. Make sure to pick a reliable bitcoin exchange, you can compare most of them at BestBitcoinExchange

Crypto currencies can feel secure because they decentralize and often anonymize digital transactions. They also validate everything on public, tamper-proof blockchains. But these measures do not make crypto currencies any less vulnerable to the types of simple, traditional scams that crooks elsewhere have relied on. For example, fraud cases have been reported where funds have been diverted from users’ mining rigs to harmful wallets because victims have forgotten to change their default credentials. Search engine phishing scams calling malicious trade sites through legitimate exchanges have also spread. And a Trojan named CryptoShuffler has stolen thousands of dollars by lurking on computers and spying on Bitcoin Wallet addresses that ended up in copy/paste clipboards.

With a few simple steps, crypto currency users can protect themselves from a number of common attacks. Just as you should keep normal money in mind or keep expensive jewelry in a safe deposit box, it’s worth taking care of the secure management of the crypto currency. The following tips are not comprehensive and won’t protect against every conceivable attack, but it’s a good start.

Tip 1: Choosing a secure desktop PC

Trading crypto currencies is a digital process that is only possible using a PC. Even though this may seem trivial, you should be aware of which PC you are using for trading before trading.

  • Notebooks that are regularly connected to different public WLAN networks are generally more likely to be infected with viruses and malware than a home desktop PC. Therefore, using a home PC is probably safer than using a mobile laptop.
  • In addition, a PC should be used that is fail-safe and low-maintenance, so that unnecessary repairs, in which third-party providers may come into unattended contact with the PC, are avoided.

The Swiss computer manufacturer Prime Computer offers a PC that meets all these requirements. In addition to server systems, the manufacturer primarily offers high-performance PCs. The supplier’s flagship is the PrimeMini3.

“At the moment Crypto Traden with Bitcoin & Co. is extremely popular. On the one hand, it is important to have a reliable machine for trading 24/7, and on the other hand, the device must also be extremely robust, since you may have the Crypto Wallets on your computer,” says Mario Tanner from Prime Computer. “If the PC then goes down, the money may be gone if the security is inadequate. A problem that certainly occupies many people. The PrimeMini 3 is due to the compactness, as well as the fanless and stable construction an extremely interesting device for traders who care about the system stability.”

Thanks to the fanless, non-mechanical system, there are no maintenance costs for the Mini PC. The Mini PC is not only convincing because of the countless technical advantages it offers over conventional PCs, it is also very environmentally friendly and, according to Prime Computer, helps to save up to CHF 2330 within 5 years.

Tip 2: Check the security of the software

Once you have decided on the appropriate hardware, you should accept and carry out the usual security recommendations.

  • It is recommended to reinstall the operating system on an already used PC. This way you can ensure that no viruses or other malware is installed on the device.
  • A regular update of the software is extremely important to patch known security holes and vulnerabilities. You should therefore also make sure that you do not use outdated operating systems, as these are no longer updated.

Schedule routine antivirus scans and/or have an IT expert scan your computer for Trojans, keyloggers, malicious applications/browser plug-ins. (Here you will find comprehensive instructions for cleaning and protecting your Windows PC.)

Tip 3: Using good passwords

Once you are sure that your PC will run maintenance free and secure, you should think about using appropriate passwords.

The guidelines for good and secure passwords are relatively simple:

  • Length: 28+ characters
  • Mix: Mix of numbers, upper and lower case letters and symbols.
  • Uniqueness: Each website or service should have its own unique password. Please do not reuse passwords!

Since you have many different services, it is recommended to use a password manager – especially if you follow the above rules, it can quickly become complex with 28+ characters.

Tip 4: Using the right wallets

Since the crypto currency resources are all technically stored in the blockchain, the resources are basically very secure. However, the key pairs that occupy the property must be stored somewhere. In general, there are two locations for this. Wallets and exchanges.

A Cryptocurrency Wallet is a secure digital wallet that stores not the currency but the public and private keys and addresses – the so-called AKA key pairs. Public keys (AKA addresses) are a place on the block chain to track where assets are located. In order to send crypto currency, you also need an address for the destination and source of the transaction. The source address is programmatically locked and can only be used with the corresponding private key. Fraud is therefore only possible if someone has access to the address and the relevant passwords.

In addition to online wallets, there are also local wallets that are stored on a PC. You should make sure that you yourself are responsible for the backups of local wallets – a stable PC is therefore extremely relevant, as mentioned above.

Tip 5: Use VPN Services

The use of a VPN is recommended when conducting private transactions online. It’s a great way to protect yourself – especially if you use WiFi in public places like hotels, trade shows, cafes or co-working rooms. There are many services that can be used once on the desktop PC as well as on the mobile.

Player protection measures for BTC Casinos?

What are the benefits of player protection measures and limits in online casinos? In the area of player protection, there are always discussions about the benefits of the various protection measures. The fact is, however, that online casinos provide various options for responsible gaming. In some countries where online gambling is already completely or partially regulated, research has been done on the effects of limits and other methods, and I will try to summarize the most important information. Some time ago someone drew my attention to the discussion in the forum about limits and player protection in online casinos. He had asked at that time whether there are already investigations within the range player protection with on-line Casinos. I looked around once, a few studies read and try here the results found by me briefly to give back.

What types of player protection measures are there in online casinos?

Most online casinos use various options to make gambling controllable for players. Most online casinos perform a reality check after one hour or 1,000 spins, showing the player winnings, losses and play time. In extreme cases, where there are particularly strong derailments (very high, atypical deposits), online casinos should seek direct feedback from players. Furthermore, the player can set different limits or the self-block. There are the following possibilities:

  • Deposit Limit: Limits the maximum amount a player can deposit into their account.
  • Loss Limit: The maximum loss a player can have is limited for a certain period of time. The wager is subtracted from the winnings to calculate the loss.
  • Bet Limits: The total amount that can be wagered on all casino games is limited. In contrast to the Loss Limit, all bets are considered whether they have resulted in a win or a loss.
  • Game Time Limits: The duration of a session can be fixed. Once the time has elapsed, you can no longer play.

Pop-Up window: A help for the reality check?

In Austria, the function of the pop-up window at the provider Playscan had also been investigated. In this case, after exactly 1,000 rotations on the slot, you received a notification about the current status and the playing time. Players quickly lose track of the time they spend playing. Fade-ins should help him to reflect and to keep in mind how long he has been participating in gambling. More information in more detail can be found at http://www.CASINOBTC.org/all-games/.

The study had examined 400,000 sessions before the introduction with 400,000 sessions after the introduction. The research showed that only 1% of the players received the pop-up at all. Before the introduction, only 4,220 sessions with 1,000 spins were counted, with exactly 5 ending 1,000 after the spin. After the introduction, 4,205 times the fades were displayed at 400,000 sessions. 45 sessions stopped after exactly 1,000 rotations – the termination rate increased by a factor of 9.

Although further research on pop-ups has been carried out in the meantime, almost all of them came to similar conclusions. For some of the players, this leads to a rethink, which is then also reflected in their playing behavior. In 2009, however, research showed that 50% of players did not even read the messages.

Personal Feedback as a Measure against Escalating Gaming Behaviour

In Austria, a study was conducted in which the authors Michael Auer and Mark Griffiths, in collaboration with the gambling provider win2day, investigated what feedback messages can do for the player. Normally a casino should recognize unusual outliers in the deposit behavior and if particularly much money was deposited, also communicate with the player.

The study has not yet been published, but there are still some results that have already been published. Thus one determined that text messages in which form ever, which thematize the play behavior in 71% of the cases an effect on the deposit and the play time had.
Game history – a controversial feature

Most casinos have a history of your deposits, withdrawals and bets on the games. The effectiveness of these measures is somewhat controversial. It’s supposed to open players’ eyes and make them realize how much they’ve already lost in a certain period of time. However, for some players, the opposite effect can be seen when they try to make up for losses, for example, or notice that they are well in the plus in a month and then play more because they have not yet reached their asset loss limit.

  • In Australia, there was a study on the subject in which 67% of the participants considered the existence of the history to be positive, as it partially opens their eyes. In a survey conducted in 2007 by eCOGRA‘s testing organisation, 75% also rated the data as positive.
  • This contrasts with a study on the player card project in Nova Scotia (Canada). In 2005, polls revealed that 9% of problem players were motivated to play by the statistics because they thought they had to make up for their losses through winnings.

Self-locking as a reliable tool

Ultimately one can let oneself be blocked with on-line Casinos for the period of days, weeks, months or also more than one year. I am familiar with an Austrian study, which was developed in cooperation with the provider win2day. Within the study period one had determined that 8,237 users ordered more than 11,818 self-exclusions. The response rate was 3.1%.

Then 259 players were asked more precisely about the reasons, whereby the players could give several reasons. For 63% it was a preventive measure and 50% stated that they had lost too much money online. Nearly 36% said that the time they spent gambling on the Internet was too much. 30% had had themselves blocked because of a total loss of control. 26% also had a problem with win2day as their provider. Only 21% of the people had called themselves problem players during the blocking.

  • 14% stated in surveys that they had been blocked by win2day before. 9% of the respondents were blocked at other casinos at the same time.
  • The data shows once again that self-locking usually only helps temporarily and that some players switch to other providers, otherwise they would not be blocked at several companies at the same time.

What is striking about the studies on online gambling?

Most studies involving online gambling providers only look at the gaming behavior of customers at an online casino. Surely it is impossible to establish links between the casinos, as data protection does not allow it and not every gambling provider will cooperate with research institutes. Nevertheless, one should keep in mind that players usually play in several online casinos, so that they can go from one casino to the next when the self-imposed limits have been reached.

Altogether one must admit at this point that there must be more global investigations here, so that one receives a better picture over the entire situation.

Experiences with various limits

I myself never set limits in an online casino unless I have to try something out. However, I’ve talked to various players and had their experiences with limits given to me once.

  1. I’ve been told about the session limits that they’re not supposed to do anything. It’s difficult to stop when you can deposit, play and then stop playing because time is up. What happens then with deposited amounts? Just stop or rather go to the next casino?
  2. In the area of betting limits, most people also have problems. If things go well, it’s hard to stop because the betting limit has been reached. Sometimes players go to the next casino, play the slot there and lose.
  3. Deposit limits only protect actual assets, it doesn’t stop a player from gambling a big win back. Therefore, I have been told that loss limits are still the best.

With regard to deposit limits, a player has described to me that he sets himself limits at many casinos. He noticed that he partly remembers the exact dates when he can play again at a casino. On that day he usually deposits there again, because it is possible again. Sometimes he plays slots, although he doesn’t feel like playing – just because he feels like he has to play, after all it works again.

What is Monero?

Monero is a secure, private and untraceable crypto currency according to its website. Monero uses a special type of cryptography to ensure that all transactions are 100% unlinkable and untraceable. In an increasingly transparent world, it’s easy to see why a private crypto currency like Monero is growing in popularity. This Monero Guide explains how Monero works and the unique advantages that make it so special. Originally launched in April 2014 as “BitMonero”, Monero (symbol XMR) means “money” in Esperanto. Monero, originally a fork from Bytecoin, is a secure, private and untraceable currency based on the Cryptonote protocol. Monero uses ring signatures, ring trusted transactions (RCT), and stealth addresses to disguise protocol-level transactions. Monero is also very popular in the gambling industry as you can read at http://Monerogambler.com.

Technical details

  • Founded: 14 April 2014
  • Coins in circulation: Initially 18.4 million coins (after which there will be a fixed production of 0.3 XMR per minute to compensate for lost coins each year).
  • Algorithm: Proof of Work (PoW) with CryptoNight
  • Block Reward: Stepless
  • Block time: 120 seconds
  • Difficulty: Retargets on each block

Weaknesses of Bitcoin the Monero tries to solve

One of Bitcoin’s biggest problems is the lack of flexibility in implementing new features. Implementing new features at Bitcoin requires an almost complete network update. Also problematic are fixed obstacles and natural elements of the design (e.g. block frequency, maximum amount of money and number of confirmations required). The traceability of transaction amounts and sender/receiver is automatically visible to the public at Bitcoin, unless specific steps are taken by the user.

The Proof of Work algorithm (PoW) has also violated the original Satoshi vision of “One-CPU-One-Vote” with the advent of GPU and Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) hardware. This allows miners to gain majority control (51%+) over Bitcoin’s network and force changes (such as a hard fork to keep the network running). Irregular output of new Bitcoins refers to the construct where Bitcoin rewards are halved every 4 years. The original intention was to produce a limited output with exponential decay.

Monero Technological Base

The main technology behind Monero provides a balance for users who can completely control their own keys and work privately with proven security mechanisms. And the possibility to further develop the network (e.g. variable block size, integration of Kovri).

How does a normal (not completely anonymous) crypto transaction work?

The default setting for Bitcoin transactions is fully transparent to all if no steps are taken to disguise identity and transactions (e.g. over a VPN and Bitcoin mixer). This means that your IP address can be connected to your device (i.e. your personal identity) if you really put it on it and have the appropriate resources.

Protect the sender of a transaction with ring signatures

Ring signatures (see above) are digital signatures where multiple signers sign a transaction. The sender generates a unique spend key, and the recipient is the only party that can recognize and spend the money based on that key.

Monero Ring Signature Transaction

Key images (cryptographic keys) are derived from each output and prevent duplicate output. This is because there is one key image in the block chain for each output (output).

Ring Confidential Transactions (RCT) hide the amount sent

The sender can disclose just enough information to the miners to confirm the transaction without publicly disclosing the total amount (known as a “commit”). This allows the transaction to be validated as authentic without compromising the privacy of the user.

Stealth addresses make the recipient anonymous

A stealth address, also known as a one-time public key, prevents the recipient’s money from being linked to his wallet. This address can be verified by a third party to prove that the transaction has taken place (if the sender shares his public view key).

Use VPN Where Porn Is Prohibited

Lately, the Indian government-blocked more than 850 mature sites which were obviously considered dangerous and damaging to the Indian culture. And today Indias Telephony Ministry has thought of another stupid sense.

The ministry has clarified that there’s really nothing to be worried about since those sites will not be closed as well as the tribunal mentioned that free and open accessibility to such web sites needs to be commanded, but these web sites may remain accessible through the device of a VPN.

It’s odd the telephony ministry has provided such a declaration because:

a) Why should a free country like mine suffer from a prohibition on pornography, a thing that shouldn’t be prohibited if observed inside the boundaries of our houses?

b) Is the ministry proposing that we have been permitted to escape a ban VISITED by them-and get porno websites through VPNs?

For people who dont understand, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) enables customers to send and get information across shared or public systems between community-enabled devices, thereby behaving as a digital tube. Click here to know one of the best providers worldwide.

In the event you didnt understand what VPN means, there’s fairly a higher chance you wouldnt understand the best way to make use of VPNs to get these websites.

Today, state we may get items which are prohibited by using VPNs or by using applications that will mask your IP number when visiting vr perverts. The reality that VPNs are outstanding in tracking and blocking visitors through them-and utilize surveillance infrastructure which could maybe not be accessible using the Telephony Ministry.This means also when they attempt to, they can-not track articles obtained through VPNs.

But: This also signifies that accessibility of those obstructed websites or for for example any website through a VPN would have been a privilege that just a few (who may cover the VPNs) will have the ability to have. Which signifies when you cant spend for VPNs, you cant get pick articles/web sites. Blows, right?

But, is that this a solution? Isnt this producing the authorities seem stupid?

Utilizing A VPN For Netflix

Unfortunately, there keep existing many edges in the world wide web. Brand new movies and TV series are introduced on Netflix.com, but in many cases not in the United States of America and just available via Amazon, iTunes, or within the US Windows Shop. But when choosing a VPN server in a state with privileges concerning certain content, you get an IP fro there which enables you to watch the movies and shows. Needless to say, you could discover Netflix.com in other states with much more limitations. You will not be be able to see Game of Thrones in Romania, as an example.

The problem is the fact that Netflix and related loading solutions are becoming wise to the scam. Inside my testing, I came across that Netflix.com clogged loading generally when I used to be using a free vpn. There are several conditions, but I also must presume that Netflix is earnestly trying to to safeguard its articles prices. What works today might not work tomorrow.

You will notice that I stated “scam,” previously, which is pretty much accurate. Simply as you covered Netflix.com in a single area doesn’t mean you are eligible for the content that can be found on an identical support but in an alternate area. Press syndication and privileges are very cluttered and complex. You might or might perhaps not concur with the regulations and conditions of support encompassing media-streaming, but you need to undoubtedly bear in mind they exist and recognize when you are getting the threat of busting them.

While it really is frequently stated that having to select from protection and benefit is a bogus dichotomy, it’s at least somewhat accurate when it comes to VPN solutions. When a VPN is lively, your website traffic is experiencing several mo-Re measures than ordinary and probably being bounced about in astonishing ways. The outcome is your web connection may be mo-Re lethargic than standard.

What’s promising is the fact that utilizing a VPN likely is not heading to remind you of the dialup days of past. Many solutions provide absolutely sufficient Web pace when being used and may even manage buffering High Definition movie. 4K video as well as additional information-extensive jobs like gambling are yet another story. Some VPN providers, like NordVPN, have begun to rollout specialization machines for large-bandwidth tasks. And almost every support I Have examined contains a instrument to hook you up using the fastest available community. Naturally, you always have the option to restrict your VPN utilize to if you are perhaps not on a trusted system.

In a few very rare instances, VPN solutions can in fact boost your Your Online operation. That is the true for PureVPN, ExpressVPN and IPVanish. Check this site for details. That is likely because these solutions have use of large-bandwidth facilities that the visitors is routed through when the support is lively.

More Games Compatible With Oculus Rift Thanks To New Driver

In accordance with the listing of officially supported games VorpX should operate with about 80-90 games (meaning they offer users and stereoscopic 3D support), but again as Ive mentioned you might have problem locating those are these and also should you locate the listing you might have problem understanding it.

Sadly while the VorpX applications needs to have users for all formally backed games with a few options pre-set like the stereoscopic 3D rendering function used, the control panel of the application now doesn’t provide also itemizing these users not to mention letting you change them, although it should provide that features seemingly. It’s possible for you to change the options while inside a casino game by calling-up the in-game VorpX overlay menu using the DEL key, which is should you be in a position to study it as it’s semitransparent and you also should seek out a great spot using a dimmer picture on the monitor.

Additionally a good suggestion, you should eliminate the HeadTracking Move choice in the in-game menu in the majority or even all games as when it just isn’t correctly reinforced in agame it could cause some problems. You also should play a tad with all the Aspect-Ratio choice as the default option Intelligent choice might perhaps not at all times give you the most effective results in a few games. The HeadTracking Awareness is just another alternative which may help you to acquire better encounter while playing in the event the globe re-writes around too quickly or too sluggish when you transfer your mind. It also enhances the experience of the greatest vr movies as I found out. Click here to try it yourself.

What makes distinction is the fact that in games which will operate with VorpX, but aren’t however formally reinforced (not have users) the stereoscopic 3D manifestation WOn’t be empowered and accessible for an individual allow through the in-game VorpX configurations menu. The two making styles for stereoscopic 3D that VorpX helps are: Z-Stream Way this is the sort of imitation stereo 3D result that provides speedier operation and adequate results and Geometry Way that’s imagined to be complete double see making with better stereo 3D result, but with further efficiency struck. Read more about the future of 3D and VR technology.

Today, I totally get when a game title hasn’t yet been tested to operate together with the two stereoscopic 3D manifestation techniques the VorpX facilitates points may get dirty, but having it only handicapped at beginning and nonetheless offering the consumer the substitute for make an effort to empower it to examine may possibly really aid to locate quicker what games operate and what-have problems. All of us have performed the account sport in which you acknowledge the sport by the title of the executable record and operate a suitable account because of it, so just by re-naming the executable of a-game to some backed sport by VorpX you’ll be able to get the stereo 3D making alternative straight back, but why should we must get this done.

In addition, there are some truly helpful features accessible some which I locate quite of good use, for instance the Edge Peek performance which allows one to shop around round the sides of the display which could generally perhaps not be visible when utilizing the Rift in addition to the Picture Move perform that enables one to zoomin or out the complete picture shown on display (great attribute to pay for the usage of distinct contacts of the Rift Movies).

You must have in thoughts that now the VorpX applications just works works together with 32bit games, you Won’t function in the event that you operate A64-tad sport executable. The app works just fine under 64 bit Windows, it is going to simply not connect it self to 64bit sport executable, but luckily there aren’t many of those and the games which come with 64 bit executable normally possess a different 32bit kinds too.

Additional considerations the programmers of VorpX notice inside their message board are that VorpX needs AMD/ATI or Nvidia artwork card plus it might perhaps not perform on Intel graphic (who’d perform games on a built-in Intel GPU anyhow) and SLI or Crossfire multiple-images card set ups might or might perhaps not work (can not examine that as I now don’t have a SLI/Crossife set up). Additionally crippling stereoscopic 3D assistance on techniques utilizing additional stereoscopic 3D drivers before managing a a-game with VorpX is advocated, so for those who possess a 3D VR Vision program for illustration dont forget to eliminate the stereoscopic 3D help in the Nvidia Get A Handle On Cell.

Something else as last that isn’t yet specific which is how software upgrades for the VorpX is going to be dispersed. Since we have been maybe not installing the application from everywhere straight and there isn’t any Upgrade alternative accessible everywhere in it we we possibly may need to make use of the internet downloader to reinstall it by installing a a more recent version or we may possibly get advised by e-mail having an upgrade hyperlink. Again based on info in the VorpX newsgroups we’re many probably planning to view the very first upgrade for the VorpX beta from the conclusion of the month, ideally handling at least a number of the problems mentioned previously.