Bitcoin Casino Review

Christina Lady Hammer – unbeaten five-time boxing world champion is not only the face of this online casino. Her success served as an inspiration, and although no titles can be won at Lady Hammer Casino, the player can still finish the round as a Superhero in the VIP Club and secure excellent prizes. The black […]

Player protection measures for BTC Casinos?

What are the benefits of player protection measures and limits in online casinos? In the area of player protection, there are always discussions about the benefits of the various protection measures. The fact is, however, that online casinos provide various options for responsible gaming. In some countries where online gambling is already completely or partially […]

What is Monero?

Monero is a secure, private and untraceable crypto currency according to its website. Monero uses a special type of cryptography to ensure that all transactions are 100% unlinkable and untraceable. In an increasingly transparent world, it’s easy to see why a private crypto currency like Monero is growing in popularity. This Monero Guide explains how […]

Evolution Of Cryptocurrencies – More Interesting Concepts Besides Bitcoin

When talking about cryptocurrencies, many immediately think of Bitcoin. However, other concepts like Ethereum, Tron or Cardano also offer cryptocurrencies, but with entirely different underlying concepts. A deep dive into the evolution of cryptocurrencies. Everyone talks about it, but what is the appeal of crypto money? Cryptocurrencies are based (with few exceptions) on a technology […]

Use VPN Where Porn Is Prohibited

Lately, the Indian government-blocked more than 850 mature sites which were obviously considered dangerous and damaging to the Indian culture. And today Indias Telephony Ministry has thought of another stupid sense. The ministry has clarified that there’s really nothing to be worried about since those sites will not be closed as well as the tribunal […]

Utilizing A VPN For Netflix

Unfortunately, there keep existing many edges in the world wide web. Brand new movies and TV series are introduced on, but in many cases not in the United States of America and just available via Amazon, iTunes, or within the US Windows Shop. But when choosing a VPN server in a state with privileges […]

More Games Compatible With Oculus Rift Thanks To New Driver

In accordance with the listing of officially supported games VorpX should operate with about 80-90 games (meaning they offer users and stereoscopic 3D support), but again as Ive mentioned you might have problem locating those are these and also should you locate the listing you might have problem understanding it. Sadly while the VorpX applications […]