Hide My Ass Free Trial

Who is by no means anonymous surfing on the Internet on the go. Without him noticing it, his surfing and buying behavior can be logged. Who does not want to have that may apply to a VPN provider. Here he is not surfing with its own IP address, but the address of the vendor.

One of the best known provider of a so-called virtual private network is Hide My Ass This provider there since 2005. Although the company headquarters in the United States, the service can also be availed in Germany in full. Hide My Ass offers both free and paid services. One of the free services include free updates to receive, among other things, a service for uploading files, a redirecting service and also a possibility is offered.

For these services, the customer does not need any additional software. Anyone wanting to take the paid VPN service claim for themselves, the need to install on his computer, which is made possible with anonymous web surfing software. Who likes to move a lot of data on the Internet, the need at this provider to worry, because the data volume is unlimited.

the prospective buyer can check more detail about the prices on the English webside of Hide My Ass., anonymous surfing costs 11.52 a month. One year, however, costs only $ 78.66, the customer saves so much money if he decides to stay a long time at the company. But there are also free trials available for the hidemyass vpn. Just check the site “VPN Free Trial” and you can choose between different free VPN Trials.

Payment is best with a credit Arte. For this money, the customer can now have access to 327 servers in 53 countries around the world. If he resists with the service but do not expect to be satisfied, then he can very obliging “money back guarantee” to avail the attacks up to 30 days after signing the contract.