How to get Rdio Outside the US

There is a new player in town when it comes to loading music that is online and thus far it looks exceptionally promising when compared with other choices available on the market. The only problem is if you don’t employ the following trick the fact that Rdio is only accessible the United States.

To Signing up for Rdio from Beyond the US the Trick

In the event you make an effort to register for Rdio outside the United States or Canada you’ll be meet with all the next concept:” Rdio is not available in your country yet.” To be able to avoid this you may have to deceive Rdio into thinking you are now in the US or Europe – you do that by connecting to a Virtual Private-Network or VPN for short. It might sound complicated but should you use the program from Hide My Ass VPN it is really fairly simple (more about them after).

By connecting to your VPN using a server in the United States, notice you’ll have the ability to get an ip-address and therefore into believing you are in the United States fool Rdio. This enables one to join up for Rdio and also supply the music from anywhere on the planet. That is all there is to it.

The top VPN for streaming Rdio

As I said above I use Hide My Ass VPN – and it functions both on Pc Mac, I-phone, iPad and Android. For the Apple Macintosh and Computer they’ve produced a super easy program that you just install and connect with, the way to make use of rdio beyond the USand around the mobile phones you just enter the guide settings under VPN in your device. Once you’ve signed-up for the support, you get these options.

It really is worth mentioning that by simply using the link from Disguise My Ass you are able to un-block any US just support of which is probably the most one that is most well-known. When connecting to wireless networks, as my information traffic is secured by it on all my mobile devices I use the VPN as an advantage.

Anyway enough rambling – this is basically all there’s to it of you wish to work with Rdio from outside Europe or the US. The tiny workaround is really worth it if you want my opinion.