Stay Anonymous In The Web

Stay anonymous – with VPNDie use a VPN service allows you to surf anonymously. This means you are no longer clearly identifiable for others on the Web. Surfing the Internet via a normal Internet connection, everyone is easy to identify for website operators and providers using its own IP address. In addition, you leave the unencrypted surfing – intentionally and unintentionally – much more information about themselves – shopping preferences, hobbies, opinions, information about themselves, etc. – that can be collected and compiled by powerful computers to extensive personality profiles. This can be prevented by the use of VPN: VPN to surf on the server from the respective provider, with an anonymous, untraceable IP address is provided. A highly special encryption, secure tunnel is established between the host computer and the servers through which all Internet activities. Thus, by a third party neither data are collected about the surfing behavior still sensitive data from the network to be associated with one’s own person – you are completely anonymous. Click here to read more!