Public Wi Fi, which is not the safest means to connect with the Internet, is becoming more and more common. Personal WiFi understands this, and is rolling out a program called wi fi Dashboard that will provide you heads up in case you are on the Net via an unsecure link.

WiFi Dashboard is a no frills program as a result of its heart. The moment you open up it, the principal menu will inform you in large characters not or whether your connection is safe. The app will turn partly red if you are on an unsecured system. In case your network is encrypted, it will turn to green to signify that. In addition, WiFi Dash Board will also provide you readouts of your IP number, place, and the name of your community too.

However, there is a bit more to wi fi Dash than that. In the event you click a dark “Learn More” button in the lower-left hand part of the program, it’ll answer some fundamental questions about Web safety, including why community Wi Fi systems are unsafe of course, how devices on public Wi Fi networks may get hacked, what a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is, and more, like on www.SmartDNS If the app coerces one to get a VPN, a switch in the lower right hand corner of the app’s main menu tagged “Protect Yourself” may take one to a page where you can acquire in to Private WiFi’s VPN providers like It’s possible for you to try out their VPN support using a-10-day trial that’s supplied to anybody who downloads WiFi Dashboard. Once the trial finishes, you can spend on a “as you go,” month-to-month, or yearly basis. Feel free to take a look at the pricing grades here.